Shirodhala- Ayurvedic Treatment

Shirodhara- Ayurvedic Treatment For Eye, Nose, Throat, Neck & Head

The word Shirodhara came from two Sanskrit words (Shiro+dhara), Shiro means a head, and dhara means flow.

Shirodhara is an amazing, unique body therapy from the ancient natural medical system. Shirodhara has a profound impact on the nervous system. That means, the treatment directly and immediately calms, relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves. During the treatment, the person feels unexplainable pleasure and cheerfulness, which provide a complete rest to mind.

5 Types Of Shirodhara

  1. Sneha Dhara uses herbal oil (tail) or ghee.
  2. Ksheer dhara uses milk infused with herbs.
  3. Takra dhara uses buttermilk infused with suitable herbs.
  4. Kwatha Dhara uses decoction with suitable herbs.
  5. Jala Dhara uses water.

Sneh Dhara

An Ayurvedic practitioner can make use of different herbal oils and ghee based on his or her wisdom and experience. Different oils can be mixed and used depending on the practical experience and judgment of the practitioner. For example, Lakshadi oil may be used in pitta disorders and Dhanwantram oil or Mahanarayana oil may be used in Vata disorders.

In predominance of Vata, Kapha or Vata-Kapha imbalances, warm oil is generally used. In case of Pitta predominance or Pitta imbalances, cool (room temperature) oils and other liquids are used. In Pitta disorders, luke warm oil like Chandan Bala Lakshadi oil can be used. If the Pitta is also accompanied by Vata vitiation, then luke warm herbal ghee like Brahmi ghee or saraswat ghee can be used for the shirodhara.

Ksheer Dhara

This is another type of shirodhara in which medicated milk or milk infused with herbs is rhythmically poured on the forehead from a specific height and for a specific time period allowing the milk to run through the scalp and into the hair.

ShirodharaTakra Dhara

Takra-dhara is a type of shirodhara in which herb infused takra or butter milk is poured from a specific height and for a specific time period continuously and rhythmically, allowing the takra to run through the scalp and into the hair.

Kwatha Dhara

 In this type of treatment decoctions made from various herbs are used. The decoctions are made as per dosha of the person including condition and bodily defect of the person.

Jala Dhara:

In this type of treatment only water or coconut water is used, it is generally used for the cure of ailments related to Pitta diseases or to remove excess heat from the body.

Shirodhara for Relaxation of healthy individuals

Shirodhara provides the greatest experience of relaxation and induces calming effects on the mind to the healthy individual looking to maintain health and enhance well being, clarity, calm and immunity. Shirodhara increases immunity by relieving stress and worry, and balancing the Ayurveda mind-body types or doshas so that your constitution remains strong. This naturally relaxes and rejuvenates the face and softens worry lines.You will surely feel a deep relaxation during the Shirodhara and vigor after the treatment.

Shirodhara for disease

  • It improves a mental status and calm emotion.
  • It rejuvenates face and removes the lines of the face.
  • It strengthens the head and neck.
  • It is helpful for insomnia and schizophrenia patient.
  • It is helpful in diseases related with the head, ears, nose, neck, eyes and throat.
  • It controls mood swings and easy depression.
  • It is useful in diseases related to the nervous system such as nerve disorder, paralysis facial palsy and drooping of eyelids.
  • It reduces burning sensation of the head.
  • It improves you spiritual awakening and increases intuition.
  • It alleviates stress, worry and excessive thought.
  • The ability of Shirodhara can easily overcome sleeping problems like Insomnia and Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). 

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