Our Vision

Vedvigyan Prathisthan is a Non-Government & Non-Profit Organization serving mankind through Ayurveda, Bhartiya Go-vansh (Indian Cow Breeds) and Organic farming.

Vedvigyan Pratishthan has been active since 2011 and is dedicated to promoting current & future health while addrssing key social issues present in today’s society.
Our organization has four active branches:

Ayurved Prathishthan


Govigyan Prathisthan


Garbhvigyan Pratisthan


Shikshan Pratisthan


Although we work in separate, dedicated teams, we share the mission of promoting health, wellness and education through a unique combination of ancient scientific practices and modern techniques. Vedvigyan Prathisthan is committed to prepare 21 Go-Pariwar (Families) to live their life as per the Ayurvedic, Vaidic living cycle (Dincharya, Ratricharya & Ritucharya) and by consuming only organic foods.

We welcome you to join our mission to understand the scientific logic behind every Indian tradition.