Nadi chikitsa or pulse diagnosis

Nadi Chikitsa – Pulse Diagnosis OR Nadi Pariksha – Pulse Reading

What is Nadi Chikitsa [Pulse Diagnosis] OR Nadi Pariksha [Pulse Reading]?

Nadi Pariksha is the ancient Ayurvedic method of diagnosis through the pulse. It diagnose physical, mental and emotional imbalances other diseases accurately. It is a non- invasive technique that enables to reach the root cause of any ailments or disease and not only addressing the symptoms.

It is a unique method of measuring individual’s health, identifies risks of upcoming diseases and offers an effective and Harmless Ayurvedic Treatment.

History of Nadi Chikitsa or Pulse Diagnosis

Nadi Chikitsa also known as pulse diagnosis is one of the most ancient yet accurate method of health Diagnosis which has been in practice all across the country more than 5000Pulse Reading or Nadi Pariksha years or even more but in modern era it was first identified in scriptures of Sharangdhar Samhita close to 13th century which highlighted the relation between Nadi (Pulses) and Tridosha, Tridosha’s are responsible for all kind of disease in human body and known as Vata-Pitta-Kapha when any or more of the all three factors goes imbalanced disease occurs, later it got described near around 16th Century in a great Ayurvedic Scripture called “Bhav Prakash”

What is in practice now-a-days as Nadi Chikitsa came in to knowledge through various Ayurvedic Scripture, Rishi’ and Vaidya’s which is written in Yog Ratnakar which came in to knowledge by 17th Century through 48 shlokas describing about science of Nadi (Pulses).

Process of Nadi Pariksha or Pulse Reading

The best of Nadi Chikitsa for a patient is, it is completely non-invasive process and it gives an overall and holistic real time condition about physical – mental and psychological status of the patient. So Vaidya can make a balanced assessment and come up with a treatment prescription which only acts on cure without affecting any of the proper functioning system, it only acts – cure and strengthen areas where it is required. No Side effect is the best part of Ayurvedic treatment system.

Though Nadi Chikitsa is highly scientific ancient and accurate but in last few decades it started losing its charm because of the many invasions – people got attracted towards other medical system due to sophisticated infrastructure but now we have started realizing if we want to live and lead a healthy life we have to come back towards our roots and Ayurveda, and we have to adopt once again the best diagnosis system that is Nadi Chikitsa.

Nadi Chikitsa or Nadi Pariksha and Aryagram

At Aryagram International Ayurvedic Hospital we are fully committed to serve the Mankind through Ayurveda and Nadi Chikitsha, with same commitment and dedication our Founder Vaidya (Dr.) Dharmendra V. Patel visited many part of the country and convinced to best Ayurvedic Nadi Chikitsak visit and join Aryagram International Ayurvedic Hospital, including Vaidya K.T.Shivanandan.

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